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  • Local and basin hydrological analysis, aimed at assessing the full discharge range with assigned probability of occurrence necessary for hydraulic response modeling used for effects assessment caused by intense rainfall events.

  • Analysis of the hydraulic compatibility related to the realization and adaptation of road and rail, port and airport infrastructures through the dimensioning and verifing of surface and subsurface runoff collection (pipelines, manholes, etc.) and works for rivers crossing (culverts, bridges, viaducts, etc.).

  • Feasibility studies and design of hydraulic risk mitigation systems in river and peripheral areas through the implementation of structural interventions for the floods containment and sensitive areas protection,

  • Sizing and testing of rainwater treatment systems with the most advanced and efficient technologies and methods and in compliance with current environmental regulations with particular attention to reuse of the purified water resource;

  • Dimensioning, testing, adaptation and implementation of sewage systems for the collection and discharge of waste water and its treatment, in both civil and industrial buildings.

  • Dimensioning, testing and adaptation of water supply systems, urban and suburban networks (principal and secondary pipelines,  tanks, lifting stations, and connection works).

Master Plan of river basins interfered by a road infrastructure.
Highway platform drainage system hydraulic plan
Water supply system layout: MRM Mina Rashid Marina project in Dubai
Immacolatella vecchia Pier - Piliero Side NAPOLI