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In transportation infrastructural sector, continuative collaboration, in both individual and group form, has been provided in a large number of design activities for some of the most important roadworks already realized or being carried out in Italy.

New infrastructure project completition, or the adaptation of existing ones, is ensured by the participation of the entire working group, which promotes internally the specificity and professional interdisciplinarity of the figures involved, while respecting the Target Scope achieving, within the set times and with a high level of Compliance and Quality.

In particular, 3ING is able to guarantee all the complex project activities related to the development of a new road transport infrastructure design, following all the activities from the feasibility economic technical studies, to the final definition, monitoring of survey activities, to arrive at the concluding design phases, including assistance to the Procuring Station for the acquisition of all permits, until the definitive favorable opinion is obtained.
In particular 3ING offers:

  • New infrastructure design (or adapting, modernizing and securing existing ones) at all detail level.

  • Latest updated software use to design network infrastructures in compliance with domestic and foreingn applicable regulations.

  • Planning, verifying, managing and controlling the maintenance system on existing structures by defining and proposing best activities needed for recovery.

  • Design with particular regard to the respect of environmental requirements thanks to the knowledge of the latest generation technologies capable of minimizing the impacts on the areas of realization, both in construction and in operation phases.

  • Companies consulting in tenders by offering innovative technical solutions that guarantee both the savings during construction and after realization.

  • "Value Engineering", especially important for transport infrastructures where the choice of materials and technologies often affects decisively both in construction and operating costs.

University of Reggio Calabria - Detailed design of the internal road network
Adaptation, Improvement and completion of Ponte San Pietro Road in the North Industrial Zone of Campobasso
 61/5000 Arrangement of the existing road of Via Toscani in Rome