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The 3ING Engineering group offers:

  • Multidisciplinary consulting and design activity, with focus on technical and economic optimization;

  • Assistance and support for documentation predisposition necessary for public and private tenders partecipation;

  • Assistance in the completion of practices and authorization processes;

  • Support in projects analysis and validation related to the suitability;

  • Counseling in legal disputes.

3ING extends its contribution to the Construction Management, Safety Coordination and fire-fighting practices, with guarantee of maximum professionalism and attention to the Customer's needs.

We want our challenge to become an opportunity for the Customer.

3ING is our challenge.

Our many years of professional experience gained both in individual and team form has allowed us to give shape to a new associative reality that represents the synthesis of the technical and technological skills acquired over the years, as well as the right completion of the professional path that each of the members of the group has undertaken in their sector.

Our team is made up of three engineers, highly specialized in different fields of engineering, each of whom has been a driving force and a fundamental part in the design development and construction of relevant civil infrastructures, both nationally and internationally.


In recent years we have been able to take an active part in the technical and design choices for numerous interventions: from feasibility to sizing, from accounting to safety, from presentation to approval and, in some cases, to construction and final construction.

Now, we want to make our experience and expertise in the engineering sector available for the benefit of companies, administrations and individuals.


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